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12 March 2008

Dr David J Pettitt
Sansum Diabetes Research Institute
Currently Visiting Senior Research Fellow with the Epidemiology Research Group, QUB

The long-term effects on the offspring of hyperglycaemia during pregnancy
   - The Pima Indian Study"


David J. Pettitt, M.D. is currently studying obesity and type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents in Santa Barbara County and is participating in a nationwide study of the epidemiology of diabetes in youth. He also consults nationwide on diabetes in pregnancy and on the risk factors for and treatment of type 2 diabetes in children. He has over 180 publications in these areas of research.

Seminar Host:  Dr Chris C Patterson 

 8 April 2008

Professor Alastair Hall
Professor Clinical Cardiology, University of Leeds

Recent advances in the genetic basis of coronary heart disease”

Seminar Host:     Dr Pascal McKeown

8 May 2008

Professor Jane Blazeby
Professor of Surgery and Consultant Upper GI Surgeon
Department of Social Medicine and Clinical Sciences
University of Bristol and Bristol Royal Infirmary

Quality of life in clinical trials – measurement, methods and decision-making”

Seminar Host:     Professor Liam Murray  

15 October 2008

Dr Kevin Haynes PharmD, MSCE
Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of Pennsylania School of Medicine

“Pharmacoepidemiology: An Application of Epidemiologic Methods”

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Seminar Host:     Miss Marie Bradley / Professor Liam Murray

 19 November 2008

Dr Mary E Black
International Health Consultant

“Careers in International Health - what’s next?"

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Seminar Host:     Mr Michael Rosato / Dr Dermot O'Reilly 

26 November 2008

Dr Domhnall MacAuley
Primary Care Editor - BMJ

"The Future of Medical Publishing”

Seminar Host:     Dr Margaret Cupples


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