Our Mission

Our mission is to build capacity for public health research, strengthen the evidence base for public health policy and practice and to improve the health of the population. Our aims are to ensure that our research is excellent while extending its reach and impact. Therefore our strategy and objectives for this renewal phase of the Centre are: (1) to expand and develop our staff and equip them with the skills for trans-disciplinary public health research; (2) to build on a platform of excellence in key programmatic areas {exploiting existing data; social determinants of health and disease; and health behaviours}, extending our research infrastructure and strengthening themes of priority to our partners and funders; (3) to consolidate our partnerships to ensure stakeholder engagement and active participation; (4) to work more closely with the other UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) Centres of Excellence to ensure that the initiative delivers its objectives for national and international leadership in the field; (5) to incrementally increase our grant income to ensure longer term sustainability.  A unique selling point of our centre is the strength of the partnership working which is underpinning knowledge co-creation.  We have considered this next phase of the Centre in the light of an analysis undertaken jointly with our partners in the summer of 2012.