Andrew Spence

Keywords: Gastric cancer; Oesophageal cancer; Pharmacoepidemiology; Survival

Having qualified in Medicine from QUB (2009) Andrew has been based in Northern Ireland during my clinical training. He is training to become a consultant gastroenterologist, and is currently a specialist registrar. He completed a Master’s in Medical Education in 2014 and stepped out of clinical training for two years to undertake out-of-programme research (MD) with the Centre for Public Health, QUB. The main purpose of which is to gain experience in formal research and learn new techniques in academia that will enhance his skill set. He will be able to bring these acquired skills to his clinical career when performing research after completing this degree.

His research into upper gastrointestinal malignancy aims to identify any association between medications, used for chronic conditions, such as statins in cardiovascular disease, and gastric and oesophageal cancer. These cancers have an extremely poor prognosis and so research into treatments is warranted. For this he achieved a £25,000 grant from CRUK to purchase information from a UK based database.