Aideen Johnson

Keywords: Physical Activity, school, children, wellbeing

Aideen is a PhD student at the School of Education and Centre for Public Health at Queen’s University Belfast. Having completed a BSc in Anatomy (Queen’s University Belfast) she began working in a public engagement role in W5, an interactive science and discovery centre in Belfast. Whilst there, she completed an MEd in Education studies (Queen’s University Belfast) and prior to beginning her PhD had progressed within the organisation to become head of Education. Aideen’s current research centres around a new physical activity intervention that is being delivered in a number of primary schools in Northern Ireland and in particular it explores the relationship between children’s school-based physical activity and wellbeing and educational outcomes. It is hoped that this study will add to our understanding of the individual and school level factors associated with physical activity behaviours and wellbeing outcomes in children and will therefore be of interest to schools, school policy makers and healthcare professionals.