Suping Ling

Key words: cancer epidemiology, cancer survival, dietary intake, obesity, breast cancer, intervention

After graduating with a bachelor of medicine in preventive medicine and public health at Wuhan University, China, I began my PhD programme under the supervision of Dr Marie Cantwell in September 2014. I am currently in my second year of my PhD which aims to investigate risk factors for dietary intake and lifestyles on breast cancer risk and progression, and this includes a systematic review on adiponkines and breast cancer progression, investigations on fat, dairies, and alcohol intake and breast cancer survival within DietCompLyf cohort study, and lifestyles intervention on obese people with or without family history of breast cancer at Action Cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has published recommendations for breast cancer prevention but evidence on breast cancer progression is not strong enough. Therefore, the research objectives are to identify possible risk factors for breast cancer and its progression, and assess the pilot lifestyle interventions on obese women. The findings of my PhD will be of interest to obese women, women with high risk of female cancers, cancer survivors, policy-makers as well as healthcare professionals interested in implementing WCRF recommendations-related interventions on women with high risk of breast cancer.