Dr Charlene Treanor

Keywords: cancer survivorship; late effects; supportive cancer care

Charlene is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Health at Queen’s University Belfast. After graduating with a BSc (Hons) Psychology in 2009, Charlene graduated in 2013 with a PhD in supportive cancer care at the Centre for Public Health. Charlene’s post-doctoral research includes undertaking a Cochrane Collaboration review assessing the effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions on maintaining or alleviating the experience of cognitive impairment among cancer survivors who have completed systemic treatment. Charlene is currently developing and feasibility testing an intervention targeting changes in cognitive function among cancer patients. Charlene’s research interests include the cancer late effects, intervention development and evaluation and patient-reported outcomes. Charlene’s research would be of interest to cancer patients, survivors and their families, cancer care professionals, as well as members of voluntary cancer organisations.