Dr Helen McAneney

Dr Helen McAneney is a lecturer in Research Methodology in the NI Network for Trials Methodology Research, at the Centre for Public Health at Queen’s University Belfast. After graduating in Mathematics at Queen’s University Belfast in 2001, she completed a PhD in Theoretical Physics in 2005. Since then, Helen has applied her mathematical skills of network science and modelling to public health and health more broadly. She was an MRC Methodology Research Fellow from 2010, before taking up her current position in the Network in 2014. Her current research includes work in public health, education and food chains, investigating the effects of the often ‘hidden’ or unknown knowns of social networks in health and behavioural choices in projects such as the PARC Study, PAL (Physical Activity and Loyalty Scheme) trial, and the Shared Education/Contested Space Programmes.  She is involved in an ESRC funded Transforming Social Science Smartphone Study to investigate the ethical and research implications of using smartphones to capture data, various aspects of the recruitment and retention of trial participants and SWATs (Study within a Trial). Helen has also worked on the Belfast Youth Development Study housed in the Institute of Child Care Research, investigating the effects of peer influence and social networks on substance misuse.