Dr Michael O'Rorke

Keywords: cancer epidemiology; molecular pharmacoepidemiology; breast cancer; beta-blockers.

Michael completed a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy in 2007 (University of Ulster), and a PhD in cancer epidemiology (Centre for Public Health) in 2011. He currently holds a competitively awarded postdoctoral fellowship (2014-2017) from Cancer Research UK (CRUK) conducting a molecular pharmacoepidemiological investigation into incidental beta-blocker drug use, tumour beta-adrenergic receptor expression and breast cancer survival. The Fellowship exploits the linkage of a number of population-based data sources available in the province including use of the Northern Ireland Enhanced Prescribing Database (NIEPD). Ultimately, this study will help determine whether beta-blockers would be useful additions to the standard treatments for breast cancer patients and highlight tumour characteristics likely associated with poorer prognosis. The findings of this research will be of interest to both policy makers, researchers and the wider oncology community, including breast cancer survivors.