Dr Una McMenamin

Keywords: sex hormones; upper gastrointestinal cancers; population research

Úna currently holds a Population Research Postdoctoral Fellowship (2016-2019) from Cancer Research UK (CRUK) investigating the causes of upper gastrointestinal cancers, including oesophageal and stomach cancer. As part of her Fellowship, Úna will be using data from large UK cohorts (such as the UK Biobank) to investigate the association between sex hormones, reproductive factors, and hormonal therapies and the risk of oesophageal and stomach cancer. During her Fellowship, Úna will travel to the Belgian Cancer Registry in Brussels, Belgium and the National Cancer Institute in Washington DC, USA, to work with world-leading experts there. The findings from the Fellowship work will provide novel information on the causes of the unexplained sex disparity in upper gastrointestinal cancer incidence and may ultimately lead to the development of future prevention strategies.