Connolly, Professor Paul

Co-Investigator: UKCRC Centre of Excellence for Public Health NI

Keywords:  diversity and inclusion in early childhood; evaluating the effectiveness of educational programmes and interventions; quantitative methods and statistical analysis in education

Paul is Professor of Education and Head of the School of Education at Queen’s University Belfast. He has a particular interest in the use of evaluative methods in educational research, particularly in relation to randomized controlled trials. He was founding Director of the Centre for Effective Education at Queen’s that has successfully completed more trials in education over the last five years than any other educational research centre in Europe (see: Through the Centre, Paul has led a number of large-scale trials including the ongoing cluster randomized trial evaluation of the impact and cost effectiveness of the Roots of Empathy socio-emotional learning programme in primary schools, funded by the NIHR Public Health Research programme (see: He is also founding editor of the journal Effective Education ( and Co-Chair of the Campbell Collaboration Education Coordinating Group that specializes in producing systematic reviews in education (see: For further information on Paul’s research and publications please see: