Cupples, Professor Margaret E

Keywords:  primary prevention; secondary prevention; rehabilitation; cardiovascular disease; physical activity; primary care; lifestyle behaviour change; socio-economic disadvantage

Margaret currently works as a general practitioner in West Belfast and in academic general practice, teaching medical students in the University’s Department of General Practice and Primary Care. She is also Clinical Lead for the Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network in Primary Care. Her personal research interests lie in the field of prevention and rehabilitation, with a focus on cardiovascular disease and physical activity. She has worked previously in a rural practice in Markethill, Co Armagh and has been the Principal Investigator in many community-based studies, including a MRC funded trial which showed the benefits of regular review for patients with coronary heart disease. Other work has included cross-sectional and observational studies of the management of heart disease and cardiac rehabilitation, aiming to determine how to optimize secondary prevention in primary care. She is currently involved in studies of interventions which aim to promote physical activity and lifestyle behaviour change, for both primary and secondary prevention, particularly in socio-economically disadvantaged  areas and in different population sub-groups. Her work, together with that of colleagues in the Centre, has contributed to the development of new European Society of Cardiology guidelines which for the first time recognise the importance of population level approaches, in addition to those targeting individuals, for optimal cardiovascular disease prevention.