Kee, Professor Frank

Principal Investigator: UKCRC Centre of Excellence for Public Health NI

Keywords: epidemiology of chronic disease; public health interventions

Currently I direct the UKCRC Centre of Excellence for Public Health Research (NI) and am Deputy Director for the Centre for Public Health in Queens University Belfast.  The Centre of Excellence, one of five in the UK, is multidisciplinary and spans three Faculties in the University and a range of external stakeholders. Its research scope embraces determinants of public health from molecules to populations, as well as public health interventions. It was set up deliberately with an outward looking vision to connect academics to the practitioner and policy making communities. Its partners, represented in the Management Executive and Board, include the DHSSPSNI, the Public Health Agency, the Institute of Public Health in Ireland, University of Ulster, W5 and the Community Development and Health Network. My research interests include cardiovascular and genetic epidemiology, decision sciences, public health interventions, complexity and network analysis.