Marshall, Professor Adele H

Keywords: modelling; survival analysis; stochastic; Markov; Bayesian networks

Adele is Professor of Statistics at Queen’s University Belfast where she is Director of Research for the Centre of Statistical Science and Operational Research (CenSSOR).  Adele obtained her DPhil at the University of Ulster in 2001 on modelling length of stay of elderly patients in hospital using a Conditional Phase-type Distribution and continues to pursue her research interests on survival analysis, stochastic modelling, Markov models, and data mining in particular Bayesian networks. Her work has led to the development of a method for dealing with skewed survival and the inter-related factors that influence it. Research interests include the incorporation of dynamically changing information into models that help update predicted survival in real-time.  Areas of application have primarily been on health care and modelling of resources both within the hospital wards and emergency services. The work is currently being extended to include secondary care to predict unexpected admissions to hospital using routinely collected GP records and to medicines management, to interactively manage chronic disease and connected health. Adele is currently involved in two studies working on diabetes patients, to assess a link with socio-economic position and to develop a risk stratification system to monitor patients with long term conditions.