Christopher Steele

Keywords: Type 2 diabetes; socioeconomic position; Coxian phase-type distribution

Christopher graduated with a First Class MSci degree in Mathematics with Statistics and Operational Research from Queen’s University Belfast in July 2013. In October 2014 Christopher commenced work on his PhD in the Centre of Excellence for Public Health NI, Queen’s University Belfast under the supervision of Professor Adele Marshall, Dr Anne Kouvonen and Professor Frank Kee. His research involves the development of statistical models to assess the effect of socioeconomic position on the incidence of and outcome from type 2 diabetes in older adults. To investigate this issue, data collected by the Diabetes in Finland (FinDM II) project and the Consortium on Health and Ageing: Network of Cohorts in Europe and the United States (CHANCES) will be used. This study will broaden our understanding concerning the extent socioeconomic position predicts type 2 diabetes and type 2 diabetes related complications in older adults as there is currently a paucity of good quality data. In particular, the project will focus on using Coxian phase-type distributions to model type 2 diabetes as stages in the survival process.