Jeanette Aldworth

Keywords: type 1 diabetes; incidence trends; medical statistics

 Jeannette is a PhD student at the Centre for Public Health at Queen’s University Belfast. After graduating with a MEng. in Aeronautical Engineering (Queen’s University Belfast) Jeannette worked abroad for several years before returning to Belfast to work in Financial Services.  Further study in Mathematics and Statistics (BSc. Open University) led to her interest in Medical Statistics.  Jeannette’s PhD is based on analyses of incidence trends in Childhood Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).  While part of the project considers global trends, with a particular focus on developing countries, where this disease is commonly fatal, the backbone of the study is the Northern Ireland Childhood Diabetes Register (NICDR), as Northern Ireland has one of the highest rates of T1D in the world.  The research objectives are to use statistical tools to analyse trends in incidence and how incidence varies geographically and with different risk factors such as environmental or socio-economic, e.g. deprivation.  The findings from this PhD will be of interest to T1D patients and their parents, healthcare professionals, as well as those interested in the diverse causes of incidences of rare diseases.