Dr Roisin O'Neill

Keywords: Nutrition; Intervention; Health, Cancer Prevention

I am a Research Fellow within the Centre for Public Health at Queen’s University Belfast; my background is in Nutrition and I have experience in intervention-based research, evaluating the impact of dietary and physical activity interventions on the health-related outcomes of both cancer survivors and healthy volunteers. More recent work is exploring if the delivery of health-related information - for example, via peer supporters - influences behaviour change, encouraging individuals at high risk of CVD to adopt a Mediterranean-style diet.

I have contributed to a number of nutrition and cancer epidemiology/molecular-epidemiology studies; assisting in the establishment of a colorectal cancer cohort, for a population-based study of markers of colon cancer progression and contributing to the data analysis of the DietCompLyf breast cancer cohort. I have also contributed to number of systematic reviews in this area of research.