Dr Sharon Cruise


psychology; social epidemiology; social determinants of health; lifecourse; ageing

 My background is in psychology, and I have worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Queen’s University Belfast since 2008. My early work in the Centre for Public Health (QUB) focused on examining the early life determinants of child health and development using secondary analysis of large-scale, epidemiological birth cohort data from the United Kingdom and Ireland. More recent work has used health survey and cohort study data from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to examine socio-demographic patterns of disability associated with coronary heart disease in older adults. I am currently working on the Northern Ireland COhort for the Longitudinal study of Ageing (NICOLA) – my role involves analysis of the Wave 1 data, coordinating the first set of published reports from the study, and contributing to the development of the Wave 2 data collection tools. My own research interests within NICOLA are focused on chronic illness and disability. Findings from NICOLA will have policy impact with respect to longer-term provision in a range of areas that are pertinent to an ageing population, as well as informing community-based and charitable organisations that provide support and services to older members of the population.